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"Cold combustion suggests the slowing down of the unfolding of geometry that previously was either held in exquisite or frozen suspense or was subject to the instantaneous and uncontrolled unfolding that we know as explosion. Anyone who discovers a middle ground, a rhythm of unfolding that delivers the geometries of matter to the senses in real time...endows the world with novelty... It is the duty of architecture to deliver sensation." - from Sanford Kwinter's "The Judo of Cold Combustion" featured in Reiser + Umemoto's "The Atlas of Novel Tectonics"

Atlas Kid builds on this principle of unfolding geometry and novelty to conjure up a dreamlike world sculpted from the temperatures, textures, shapes, and feelings of childhood memory. Using the playful habits of shadow making, mimicry, and exaggeration, the dancers reimagine traumatic and triumphant experiences that formed their perceptions of the adult world around them, a place where they are, in their reimagining, at once natives and foreigners.

Atlas Kid premiered during the debut of Souvenirs at OZ ARTS NASHVILLE on April 1 & 2, 2016