Earlier this year, Greg Pond recommended a book to Banning entitled Atlas of Novel Tectonics. It's an architectural design manual written by Reiser + Umemoto, and it includes a foreword by Sanford Kwinter that tells the story of guncotton, which "for years played the role of a founding myth for Reiser + Umemoto."

Kwinter writes: "With guncotton came the infinite, and infinitely suggestive, potential of cold combustion. Cold combustion suggests the slowing down of the unfolding of geometry that previously was either held in exquisite or frozen suspense or was subject to the instantaneous and uncontrolled unfolding that we know as explosion. Anyone who discovers a middle ground, a rhythm of unfolding that delivers the geometries of matter to the senses in the form of properties, qualities, or affects in real time, endows the world with novelty... The duty of architecture is to deliver human sensation."

Banning began experimenting with this general principle of "architecture as rhythmic pattern" this summer during her time at Springboard Danse Montreal and during her Pretty Creatives residency in Portland. She's now back in the studio here in Nashville digging deeper into these concepts with New Dialect. Her new ensemble work will debut next April during our shows at OZ Arts Nashville.

If you'd like the chance to see our company at work, our rehearsals are open-to-the public. They take place at the dance studio located in the Centennial Park Arts and Activities Center from 12-3pm, Monday-Friday. If the front door is locked, just knock.