"One hardly expects to see Nashvillians going nuts over the abstract complexity of contemporary dance. But that’s exactly what happened in August, when choreographer Banning Bouldin’s New Dialect made its auspicious debut at OZ Nashville. Indeed, the overflow crowd seemingly poured forth from the bleachers, sitting on the floor, standing along the walls, straining their necks to see the dancers. Bouldin and her company rose to the occasion and presented some of the most thoughtful and visually arresting choreography of the season."


“No mirrors, no judgment” is the ethos guiding New Dialect’s community dance classes, where your own body is your guide. Well, that and an instructor, of course. The modern dance troupe — led by Nashville native and increasingly acclaimed dancer/choreographer Banning Bouldin — has built a dedicated following since launching in early 2013, breaking attendance records at OZ Arts Nashville’s popular TNT series in August. Burn calories and increase flexibility as you learn about improvisation and creative movement in spaces free of mirrors, pounding club music, and weird guys who pretend to work out but who are actually just staring at your butt."