MAY 15-17 / Monday-Wednesday from 9-10:30am

MAY 22-JUNE 2 / Monday-Friday from 9:30-11am

at abrasiveMedia (438 Houston Street, suite 257, Nashville, TN 37203)

 Photo Credit: Hunter Armistead

Photo Credit: Hunter Armistead


MAY 15-17 /  Monday-Wednesday / Jennifer McNamara

MAY 22, 23, & 30 / Mondays & Tuesdays / Becky Allen

This ballet class is designed for contemporary movers. Principles of release, spiral, suspension, and weight are all explored in the classical ballet form to prepare contemporary dancers for contemporary choreography.


May 15-17, classes begin at 9:00am. Doors open at 8:30am for warm up and registration.

We will not have class May 18, 19, and 29.

 Photo Credit: Hunter Armistead

Photo Credit: Hunter Armistead


MAY 24-26  &  MAY 31-JUNE 2  / Wednesday - Friday
Rebecca Steinberg

Rebecca leads movers using visual imagery and sensation-based cues as catalysts for dancers to expand their own movement vocabularies. Designed as a physical laboratory, this class allows for solo and group research to unlock rote movement patterns and challenge our own perceived limits.

Prepay online for multiple classes or pay for single sessions at the door. 

We accept cash, credit, or check made payable to New Dialect. 

There is no pre-registration required for class. Doors open at 9am*. Class ends at 11. 

Please be sure to arrive with enough time to sign in and warm up before class begins.

*May 15-17, doors will open at 8:30 am and class will begin promptly at 9am. MAY 22, we resume our usual 9:30-11am class time. 

5 Class Pass

Save $10 off the full drop-in price. Good for all morning classes through Dec 2018.

10 Class Pass

20% discount off the full drop-in price. Good for all morning classes through Dec 2018.