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Community Workshop: Kinesiology & Dancing into Self-Integration, September 21-22

  • Friends Meeting House 530 26th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37209 USA (map)
  Photo: Clémence Aubier

Photo: Clémence Aubier

This workshop is designed for men and women with no previous dance experience, as well as dancers of all levels, and encourages acknowledgement and acceptance of the body as it is, leading all participants to deeper self-awareness and connection to oneself as a whole.

 Carrie Gerow serves on the faculty of Belmont University's dance program, where she has created and teaches the first dance kinesiology curriculum offered at the university. She also teaches courses in ballet, modern, Pilates and pedagogy, in addition to choreographing works for the Belmont Dance Company. Having served as a teaching artist with the Art Smart Program through the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, she draws on the ideas of aesthetic education to facilitate her teaching. Carrie has been a member of New Dialect since its inception, both as a dancer and a teaching artist for Contemporary Cross-Training.



Anatomy and Kinesiology: Through discovery of our true form, function and structure, we can "see" inside our bodies to connect with and move in them more fluently and with greater ease and savvy. Imagery guided movement can then come alive in vivid detail led by our ever more finely tuned and educated kinesthetic sense.

Dancing into Self-Integration: This workshop aims to gather aspects of the body that have somehow been shunned from the self as unworthy or undesirable and reintegrate them as valued attributes just as they are today. We practice movement designed to take inventory of the body as it is in the present, gently yet consistently guiding it toward efficient movement patterns with strength, ease and cultivation of pleasant presence in our experience.



September 21 and 22, 2013


Saturday:      Anatomy & Kinesiology-  2:30-3:30 PM

                      Dancing into Self-Integration-  3:45-5:00 PM


Sunday:        Dancing into Self-Integration- 2:30-3:45 PM


Anatomy and Kinesiology can be enjoyed in fluid concert with the movement class to follow, or as a stand alone experience for those wishing to learn about the bones, muscles and inner landscape.

Carrie will add a new focus to each Dancing into Self-Integration class, while repeating a similar progression of movements. Classes can be enjoyed on their own, or in rich continuity, allowing participants in the series to sink into a deeper experience.



Anatomy & Kinesiology- $12

Dancing into Self-Integration- $15

Full weekend workshop (3 classes)- $35




Nashville Friends Meeting House

530 26th Avenue North

Nashville, Tennessee 37209


Special Note: Participants in this workshop will need to bring a yoga or Pilates mat and socks.