Dor began his dance training at The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Workshop Institute in Ga'aton, Israel. Upon graduation he started working with The KCDC and then later the Fresco Dance Company. In 2010, he joined 'TheProject' of The Israeli Opera House, where he met and began working with choreographer, Idan Sharabi.

He joined Idan Sharabi & Dancers in 2013 and has since performed with the group and taught Sharabi Workshops all across Europe.

Dor is the winner of the Israeli Ministry of Culture 2013 & 2014 prizes for Best Cast Performance. He also received an "audience award" at the Copenhagen Choreography Dance Competition 2014, and he is the winner of ZOA scholarship of young artists in 2006. 

As a dancer he has performed in pieces by William Forsythe, Jacopo Godnai, Marco Goecke, Emanuel Gat, Susanne Linke and many others.  

In 2014 - 2015 he was invited to teach at NDT2, The Royal Danish Ballet, The Danish Dance Theatre, New Dialect, Contemporary School of Hamburg. 

Dor is a certified Pilates instructor, with a diploma in Anatomy, as well as, an Autodidact who self studies and explores Feldenkryze, Yoga, Release and Floor-work, all of which he incorporates in his Dancer and Athletes Rehabilitation.


In 2016, he joined the Tanz Luzerner Theatre ensemble under the direction of Kathleen McNurney before premiering his solo creation I Choose You in the Stanislvasky Theatre in Moscow, alongside reputable dancers such as Ana Laguna, Diana Vishneva and Aurélie Dupont.

In 2018, he premiered his duet piece with dancer/choreographer, Dariusz Nowak, entitled into me, see commissioned as the opening work at the Jewish Arts Festival Zurich.