Instructor: ERIN LAW

Level: OPEN

at abrasiveMedia (438 Houston Street, suite 257, Nashville, TN 37203)

MONDAYS |  9:30-11am

September 17 - December 14, 2018


Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst Erin Law leads classes connecting Somatics (a gentle movement practice that fosters mind-body connection) and Contact Improvisation—cultivating awareness of relationships as a lens through which to engage in movement. 

Each class will be different as we engage in a range of movement experiences flowing between somatic practices like Authentic Movement and Bartenieff Fundamentals, communal practices like Group and Contact Improvisation, and overarching principles like Emergent phenomena and collective consciousness. Ultimately this class seeks to create a container in which we can track desire, attend to choice, bravely express imagination, forge meaningful connections, embrace wholeness, and open ourselves to new possibilities. 

“In this class we'll breathe, soften, yield, fall, touch, share weight, push, reach, and collectively nurture a compassionate environment in which we feel safe enough to take risks. These concepts of embodiment will guide us into structured improvisations in which we learn to fluctuate between different types of relationships: self-to-self, self-to-other, self-to-group, and self-to-environment.”

— Erin Law

Dancers of all levels are welcome. 

Prepay online for the entire week or pay at the door.  We accept cash, credit, or check made payable to New Dialect. 

There is no pre-registration required for class. Doors open at 9am. Class ends at 11. 

Please be sure to arrive with enough time to sign in and warm up before class begins. 

5 Class Pass

Save $10 off the full drop-in price. Good for all morning classes through Dec 2018.

10 Class Pass

20% discount off the full drop-in price. Good for all morning classes through Dec 2018. 

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