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H E A P pop-up on War Memorial Plaza

  • War Memorial Courtyard 301 6th Avenue North Nashville, TN, 37243 United States (map)

Banning created her latest work, H E A P, as a site-specific installation within the spatial structure of TPAC's Polk Theater.

This April, our company will begin taking the work out of the theater and into public spaces throughout Nashville and Davidson County.

Our first installation will take place downtown on


(aka Legislative Plaza)

Thursday, April 27  ||   12 -1pm

All are welcome 


Our collective is comprised of twelve artists who gather together daily to exchange ideas and create dances. We are black, white, latino, Moroccan, Filipino, Jewish, gay, straight, men, women, Christians, atheists, agnostics, yogis, buddhists, and believers in science.

And, we have each experienced the benefits of privilege and the pain of discrimination due to the color of our skin, our gender, our sexual orientation, our culture, and our beliefs. 

To create our original work H E A P, we challenged ourselves to emotionally delve into the characteristics that define us, particularly our experiences with privilege and discrimination, and to share what we found with one another. This creative process took courage.

During the process, we wrote personal statements about who we are, what we hope, and what we fear. We researched news headlines, social media, scientific articles, religious texts, and other forms of literature for words that we believed were true, for editorials that were hyperbolic and manipulative, for commentary that attacked us, and for posts that we identified with and that gave us comfort. 

We compiled these source materials and our own writings and used them as inspiration to compose a dance that abstractly tells each artist’s story of self-defined and socially-assigned identity.

The creation of H E A P has allowed us to engage in meaningful conversations as a collective, and as we perform the work, we hope to communicate to audiences what we experience together in the studio everyday—respect for each other and appreciation of our differences. 

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