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empowering young women to think creatively, problem solve collectively, and lead confidently through contemporary dance

ages 12-16

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GIRL POWER is a weeklong contemporary dance “laboratory” designed for girls and facilitated by our company of highly trained professional dancers and instructors.

During the intensive, young women are invited to join in a series of movement classes and choreographic games that work to foster self-awareness, self-confidence, creative expression, and group collaboration. 

We believe dance has the power to connect us to ourselves and to each other, and we think contemporary dance in particular is a wonderful means to empower the next generation of women to embrace creative leadership inside and outside the dance studio. 

Our goal is to nurture and encourage each girl’s experience with the creative process and inspire their understanding of contemporary dance on both a personal and collective level.


- explore mind body centering & grounding through group breathing and affirmation-based meditation

- investigate the visual art influences of color, line, and shape found in ballet and modern dance

- research using weight, fall & recovery, and rebound in partnership with other dancers

- develop nonverbal communication and decision making skills through group improvisation

- discover and build confidence in your own movement style through imaginative improvisation and theater games

- learn to create solos, duets, and group dances in a collaborative and supportive setting

- fitted sweatpants/warm up pants (no shorts)

- tank tops or t-shirts

- fitted cotton socks 

- hair up off the face and out of eyes in a ponytail or similar style

- writing utensil, notebook, water bottle, healthy snack


Need based scholarships are available.

To be considered, please feel out the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION below.

If you have questions regarding scholarships, please email Banning Bouldin at:

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For purposes of eligibility for consideration for the minority scholarship, I affirm that I am a member of a minority classification as designated in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regulations, 29 C.F.R. Part 1602 (i.e., Native American or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, African-American or Black, and Hispanic). I understand that this information is for use in connection with the New Dialect Teen Intensive Minority Scholarship Program.

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