New Dialect is working with Greg on an on-going multimedia project called guncotton.

The following are images of Greg’s studio, along with quotes from the artist, as seen in an article on


I am interested in cultural attitudes towards landscape and the pursuit of utopia (no place). It is the landscape that largely influences our collective mythology and cultures. I compress histories and cultures, alter the pace of time, and distort physical scale to portray a psychological rather than a social or material realism.


To be able to see beyond predetermined standards to reach conclusions drawn from the diversity of experience is the gift of creative thought. I convey my ideas through unexpected combinations of images and media and seek to engage the viewer in ways that are physical and phenomenological. I impose specific formal and/or temporal compositions that are intended to offset usual associations with the subject matter.


My art practice involves sculpture, sound installation and performance, video, documentary, electronics, and programming. I am Professor of Art at the University of the South and a founding member of the independent arts organization Fugitive Projects. I have served as a board member of the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance and on the board of Number Inc., a non-profit arts magazine headquartered in Memphis.