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Instructor: BECCA HOBACK


Centennial Performing Arts Studios (211 27th Avenue North,, Nashville, TN 37203)

Mondays |  9:30-11am

March 4 - May 6, 2019

New Dialect - Improvisation Games.png

Each session will begin with a movement meditation: an improvisation practice geared towards warming the body, dropping into the present, and exploring different modes of physicality. Drawing on both imagery-based and spatial tasks, this class provides a gradual fade-in to moving, each task building on the last to provide a light and spacious environment for the mover to connect to their body.

We will explore several different improvisation games, defining parameters before each and discussing outcomes afterwards. These movement situations will vary in approach, aimed at providing a range of experiences to facilitate awareness, analysis, questioning, and choice-making within the constructs.

Dancers of all levels are welcome.

Prepay online for a single class or multiple classes via the links below.

Doors open at 9am. Class ends at 11. 

Please be sure to arrive with enough time to sign in and warm up before class begins. 


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