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The summer season is usually a slow one for gallery-going, but the collaborative exhibition opening at Zeitgeist in July is one of the most anticipated shows on Nashville’s 2018 art calendar. Greg Pond and Banning Bouldin’s multidisciplinary display, Guncotton, pairs Pond’s polymathic studio practice with Bouldin’s avant-garde dance troupe, New Dialect. The result is a sensory spectacle of dance, video, sound and sculpture that explores the adage — often attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and/or Friedrich Schelling — “Architecture is nothing but frozen music, music is nothing but liquid architecture.” The show includes contributions from musicians, conductors, software coders and 3-D printing artists, and the results offer improvisational dance governed by game theory, and sculptures based on the movements of the dancers. I especially like the setting of Zeitgeist for this show — the space has always been dedicated to programming avant-garde performance and music in addition to visual art. This is Saturday night’s don’t-miss opening event.