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Guncotton: installation with Greg Pond


Working from the book Atlas of Novel Tectonics by Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s adage “architecture is nothing but frozen music, music is nothing but liquid architecture,” Greg Pond and Banning Bouldin adapt the text's concepts rooted in the deconstruction and recomposition of architectural principles to develop a new “language” for generating cross-disciplinary works of dance, video, sound, and sculpture. This is an ongoing project where recursive responses between what is produced by the dancers, sculptures, sounds, and images continue to inform the subsequent steps of the collaboration. Architectural conjecture becomes dance that become sculpture, sound, video, and images. The resultant images become sound, dance, then sculpture again and so forth. Through this process Pond and Bouldin create a new sort of discursive language that evolves as their collaborative research deepens. Columbian conductor and musician Cesar Léal and vocalist Jessica Usherwood have contributed to the sound installations for this work. 

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Girl Power 2018
Later Event: August 18
Guncotton: second installation