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Coordinating rehearsals is a challenge when the choreographer is in The Hague, one of the principle dancers is touring, and the other principle dancer is in Nashville.

It's more challenging when not everyone can make time in their individual schedules to travel to the same city to rehearse. That was the challenge facing us earlier this year when we realized there wasn't a time for Peter Chu, Ana Maria Lucaciu and Banning to continue the work they began in March on Peter's new commissioned duet for New Dialect. 

After spending a week working on the duet here in Nashville, it was obvious more time was needed, so the three artists sat down at a cafe table in Germantown and flipped through their calendars, trying to pinpoint a time and location that would be feasible for everyone. 

Peter knew he'd be soon moving to the Hague and wouldn't be able to get back Stateside before the premiere of the duet in April, and Ana Maria knew she only had a one-week window in September to work with, but even then, she wouldn't be able to travel to Nashville. 

So it was decided Banning would fly to New York, she and Ana would rent a studio and rehearse there, and at some point Peter would at  join in via Skype. Done. 

Fortunately, the trip to the City will also allow time for Banning to meet with LJOVA and Mikael Karlsson, the two musicians collaborating on the score for Banning's new ensemble work, which will also be premiered during our Souveniers shows at OZ Arts Nashville in April. Mikael is composing the score specifically for LJOVA, who will be here in Nashville to perform it live onstage. 

While it takes a tremendous amount of work to coordinate all this meetings and rehearsals, it's a pleasure to be working with these dear artists, and in the end, the work is merely part of the labor process that produces a new creation. 

It's a joy to be part of such an experience.