Two Yous plays out the inner dilemma of an aging woman—portrayed by two dancers mirroring one another—as she struggles against the pressure to perform and the desire to honestly embody her own emotions.

The performance is inspired, in part, by Smile Mask Syndrome, a psychological disorder resulting from prolonged, unnatural smiling in the workplace. The syndrome is particularly prevalent in Asian countries, where many service sector jobs require workers to wear perpetual smiles. Having spent so much time faking their smiles, syndrome sufferers become emotionally detached from their own physical responses, often smiling at inappropriate times.  

Chu created the fifteen minute duet on Banning and our guest dancer Ana Maria Lucaciu.

New Dialect premiered the duet during Souvenirs at OZ Arts Nashville on April 1 and 2, 2016.

The video below features footage from our Two Yous rehearsal at DANY Studios in NYC in October 2015.