There aren’t words that justify or explain how stunned I was by these performances last night at OZ Arts Nashville. Both were superb, but the, “The Triangle,” choreographed and conceived by Banning Bouldin and performed by New Dialect was world class. It shook me; it was beautiful, haunting, dynamic. It made me cry and smile. It’s what art should do to you—to make one feel, and I felt with all my senses. I’m busting with pride that this was born by Banning and in Nashville, but I’m sure it won’t stay here—this work needs to be seen by global audiences. Tonight’s show is sold out and I hate that for you as it was one to see. And, while on the subject of dance and Nashville, I feel like this last week is a moment for dance in our city—epic “Lucy Negro Pop” last weekend, and Banning’s The Triangle both world premieres—were stunning and a local paradiagm shift for the level of work being created in our city. Thank you Paul and Banning! You are visionaries. Brava!

Mike Smith


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