Becky is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, where she began her dance training with the Jefferson Ballet Theatre. She studied both dance and the visual arts at Loyola University and the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. In 2001, she received her B.A. in Cultural Studies from the University of New Orleans. That same year, she moved to Nashville where she has worked as an artist and educator for the past 15 years with local organizations such as the Nashville Ballet, Vanderbilt University, and Metro Parks Dance Division. In 2004 she became the assistant director to modern dance company StillPoint Dance Theatre and performed with the company for 7 years. 

She has been collaborating as a dancer and instructor with Banning Bouldin and New Dialect since the collective's inception in 2012, and more recently as a rehearsal assistant and choreographer.

Her most recent work Kat 5, was commissioned by Intersection New Music Ensemble in collaboration with New Dialect and premiered at the Platform in April 2016. 

She maintains a studio (RA | Studio) where she designs and creates her own line of functional ceramics. In her work as a multi-disciplinary artist, Becky loves to explore the intersection of her experience with the visual arts and dance.