Sarah Salim 1.jpg


Originally from North Carolina, Sarah began dancing at the Holly Springs School of Dance, Cary Ballet Conservatory, and International Ballet Academy. In 2009, she worked as a trainee with Carolina Ballet and in 2011 joined Nashville Ballet 2 where she started training under Banning Bouldin.

Sarah joined New Dialect in 2012.

Since joining, Sarah has performed in the premiere of New Dialect’s premiere MultiLingual at OZ, Belinda McGuire’s Incorporeus, Banning Bouldin’s Murmuration, Trisha Browns Planes, and Rebecca Allen’s Kat5, Idan Sharabi's Ella, and Yin Yue's PARA.

Sarah also workshopped with Bryan Arias, Peter Chu, Joy Davis, Laurel Jenkins, Alex Ketley, David Norsworthy, Riley Watts, and Shannon Gillen Lipinski. 


photo: Andrea Behrends