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The Big Payback is a community-wide, 24-hour online giving challenge and it's happening today! The challenge started at 12 am this morning (Tuesday, May 5) and will last until Midnight tonight.

Right now people all over Middle Tennessee are giving back to the nonprofits they admire and their donations stand the chance of being amplified by matching funds, bonuses, and additional prizes. We're asking everyone to give between 9pm and midnight tonight (May 5), so that we'll have a chance to win a $2500 prize for the most money raised by a small organization during that time slot. 

We need your help!

Fill out the form below and help sustain the mission to bring high quality contemporary dance in Middle Tennessee. Every dollar helps!


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Last year we raised $7,000 dollars in Nashville's first ever 24-hour giving marathon and, to say the least, we were ecstatic! 

This year we're aiming to raise support for our upcoming project with OZ Arts Nashville, Zeitgeist Gallery, and the Trisha Brown Dance Company, which takes place throughout May. 

During that month our dancers will be performing Trisha Brown's renowned work Planes (left) nine times at Zeitgeist on staging built by OZ. The performances will be FREE to the public, so we need your help raising money to support the cost of producing the show. 

That's where the BIG PAYBACK comes in.... 

Donations made during the Payback will be used to compensate our dancers for their tremendous effort during rehearsals and performances.

We are extremely excited to be a part of this collaboration and we hope you can join us in making the BIG PAYBACK pay big for these dedicated artists!