a collaboration between New Dialect, Intermission, and Vanderbilt’s Black Mountain College Symposium

Choreographers and composers work in tandem to create both a dance and its score simultaneously. 

As Banning puts it, working this way allows them to "uncover a third realm of possibilities that is a direct result of the collaboration—a third voice."

Vanderbilt Video Arts students will also collaborate with the composers/choreographers to create a 'video response’ for each new work.

Third Voice was a highlight of the Arts & Music at Wedgewood-Houston events in February. This video-art installation paired with avant-garde dance performances was a collaboration between filmmakers, composers and choreographers organized in concert with Looking Back (Looking Forward): The Black Mountain Experience at Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery. That exhibition’s implicit narrative, which emphasized collaboration and multimedia exploration at Black Mountain College, was brought to live in this immersive, electric happening.” - JOE NOLAN


Feb 1, 2018 - during Vanderbilt University's Looking Back (Looking Forward): The Black Mountain Experience  

Feb 2, 2018 - In-studio showing and discussion with choreographers + composers at Centennial Performing Arts Studio

Feb 3, 2018 - inside Track 1 during Wedgewood Houston Art Crawl with projections by Vanderbilt Video Art Students

THIRD VOICE was produced in collaboration with Vanderbilt University’s Black Mountain College symposium.

The project also received generous support from