South Arts: Momentum: Work Sample 1

The Triangle Rehearsal December 2018

password: newdialect

Choreography by Banning Bouldin
Centennial Performing Arts Studios
December 14, 2018

The Triangle combines conceptual fashion, sculpture, film, and live performance in a moving portrait of our individual and social perceptions of weakness, and that poignantly reimagines “disability” as an opportunity to uncover new strengths. Banning Bouldin’s most recent work for New Dialect is still in creative process and will have its world premiere at OZ Arts Nashville, February 22-24, 2019. While we do not yet have performance footage of The Triangle, we believe this work clearly represents our current priorities, artist roster, skill sets, and Bouldin’s prowess as a choreographer and dance theater director.

This video shows our first studio run through of the full work in December 2018. For the past 8 months, Bouldin and New Dialect’s company dancers have collaborated with fashion designer Tony Perrin to create wardrobe for the work that act as limiting devices by creating attachments between the dancers’ bodies, mechanisms for long distance physical manipulations, flower masks that allude to visual impairment, and environmental barricades. We are still completing costume and set design for this work; you will see some of our completed set pieces and wardrobe in this video.

We have added text blocks to the video to provide insight into the scope of the work with notes on lighting cues, costuming, and film usage.