South Arts: Momentum: Work Sample 2

Atlas Kid (2016)

password: atlas

time code: 25:25-32:25

Choreography: Banning Bouldin
Commissioned and presented: OZ Arts Nashville
Original score and performance: LJOVA + Mikael Karlsson
Dancers: Ben Green, Mary Ruth Isbell, Rosemarie Mientka, Tony Montalvo, Emma Morrison, Hadassah Perry, Becca Place, Rebecca Steinberg

Atlas Kid was featured during the premiere of SOUVENIRS, an evening length program created by Banning Bouldin in collaboration with a group of local and international composers, dancers, designers, painters, and architects.

The program in its entirety explores how our concept of personal identity is shaped by our often fumbling attempts at intimacy, the near-mythical influence of childhood memories upon our adult lives, and the cultural constraints that are imposed upon us by society.

The gestures and partnerships in Atlas Kid were derived from a series of rule games designed by Bouldin to unfold potent childhood memories and sculpt them into theatrical scenes and tableaus. In this particular section on the piece (the end), Bouldin composes these gestures into a meditative, sculptural mass that abstractly illustrates our interdependence as people working together to face ourselves, reconcile our pasts to the present moment, and move forward. This use of sculptural mass partnering is a hallmark of Bouldin’s choreographic approach and appears in a number of her works.

Since this video was recorded, we have actively worked to enhance the diversity of our collective by employing dancers of varying ethnicities and cultural backgrounds to participate in our projects; our current collective is comprised of artists who are black, white, Latinx, Moroccan/American, and Filipino. Representation is important to us and we believe regularly collaborating with artists from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds empowers us to connect meaningfully with the many different demographics represented in our communities.