South Arts: Momentum: Work Sample 3

Atlas Kid (2016)

password: atlas

time code: 3:29-10:29

Choreography: Banning Bouldin
Commissioned and presented: OZ Arts Nashville
Original score and performance: LJOVA + Mikael Karlsson
Dancers: Ben Green, Mary Ruth Isbell, Rosemarie Mientka, Tony Montalvo, Emma Morrison, Hadassah Perry, Becca Place, Rebecca Steinberg

In this section of Atlas Kid, Bouldin creates a series of scenes that use physical precision to illustrate the futility of our attempts to control outside circumstances, change our pasts, and manipulate the people in our lives. “The Conductor” works with great effort to orchestrate and organize the people around him, ultimately resulting in chaos. The use of long distance physical manipulation (or marionetting) was important to Bouldin in communicating the illusion of control; perhaps his fantasy of going back into his childhood to change what happened. This excerpt also illustrates Bouldin’s use of accumulation and de-cumulation as compositional tools to transition from scene to scene. The roving light fixture and its cord became tools for accentuating how looming and haunting the past can seem (casting large shadows), providing opportunities for play (the cord becomes a jump rope and visible obstacle), and highlighting specific details in the dancers’ bodies.